Songs In TV/Film: Massive Attack- Teardrop on House M.D.

I'm Watching House M.D. & Loving It. Here's Why: – Cleveland Sports Talk

If you ever watched the show House you are probably pretty familiar with the opening credits song. If you don’t know, that song is Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” from their exquisite and masterful album, Mezzanine. This song has some very interesting history and tidbits. The origin of the song was first developed from a harpsichord riff made in the studio. Originally (and this is very intriguing) Madonna was the first person Andrew Vowles wanted to have sing on this track. The other 2 members Robert Del Naja and Grantley Marshall wanted Cocteau Twins singer Elizabeth Fraser to sing lead. Turns out there is a version with Madonna singing this song but, they chose Elizabeth Fraser’s version due to her style fitting the mournful melody more favorably.

Massive Attack- Teardrop (House Opening Credits):

Massive Attack- Teardrop (Official Video):

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