Band Of The Week: GosT

GOST releases “Coven”, first track + video from new album “Rites of Love  and Reverence” – R o c k 'N' L o a d

The synthwave genre is an interesting one to delve into. There are certain aspects of it that have been fully accepted by the mainstream like, the music for Stranger Things. Then there is a whole other level to synthwave that is even better and thanks to groups like the band of the week, we get to experience so much more that world has to offer. Allow me to introduce you to GosT. GosT is more like the exception to the rules of synthwave. Like many other peers like Perturbator (who I featured not too long ago) and Carpenter Brut, GosT channels many different vibes and sounds. Mixing a more metallic edge to accompany the post-punk, goth and electronic aspects, the new material from GosT is uncompromising. Founder and mastermind James Lollar, has really found his niche with the new album, Rites of Love and Reverence. The album itself is chock full of hidden gems and blistering sonic dimensions. It’s creepy and eerie in places yet has this really cool pop sensibility that gives the darkness the right amount of shine to really leave a lasting mark. GosT is well on the way to being a force to be reckoned in taking the synthwave genre to a whole other level.

GosT- Rites Of Love And Reverence:

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