New Release: KLAE- Love

A few weeks ago I introduced you to KLAE. This very diverse drummer is really summoning some positive energy with his upcoming EP. “Stomp Out Hate” was the first single and now we are on to “Love,” and this one packs a whole different punch. Speaking on what this track deals with and means KLAE (aka Clay Barnum) said “Love without expectations is the most pure form as it holds no bias but due to the complexity of human experience is the most difficult to achieve. You have to forgo all ego and societal pressures and accept wholly the person in front of you. This is difficult enough with a significant other but exponentially more so with yourself. We hold more bias and expectation without ourselves without ever sharing with the outside world. We live within our own heads and at times it can feel impossible to escape these expectations. We must embrace all that is, as it is without expectation of what we think it could be. Love yourself first then work on everyone else.” With that in mind, it’s clear that with these expressions, there must be a change for the better.


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