New Release: Twelve Foot Ninja- Start The Fire

Australia must have something in the water to being about so many awesome bands. Rose Tattoo, Silverchair, Memento, Karnivool, and to a lesser extent Wolfmother come to mind when I think of bands from down under. There’s another band from the area that should be on your radar, Twelve Foot Ninja. These guys are pretty damn awesome. They are metal with bits of alternative, prog and a bit of an artsy vibe thrown in. The live videos I’ve seen are super high energy. I’d love for them to do a proper headline tour of the states at some point. Anyways, today, they released the first single “Start The Fire” from their upcoming album, Vengeance (out Oct 15). With this new album, it will be accompanied by a multi-media project that will also feature a ‘high fantasy’ novel by the name of “The Wyvern And The Wolf” (written by Nicholas Snelling) and a graphic novel titled “Vengeance“.

Twelve Foot Ninja- Start The Fire:

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