Beats Per Minute: Perturbator

For a long while now, I’ve had a very interesting relationship with electronic based music. For me, when it comes to this genre, I always tend to go towards the artists with real depth and integrity. So much in the world of electronic music is fluff and just button pressing. When a real artist comes along and expands upon the norm and mixes other bits, that’s when it becomes something more. For example, one artist that I’ve been keen on for a while now is Perturbator. James Kent aka Perturbator got his start playing in Black Metal bands. If you are aware of the ambient nature of Black Metal, you know where this is going. Since 2012 though, he’s been releasing some of the best synthwave music. Armed with vintage synths, an array of instrumentation and a sort of John Carpenter vibe, it’s no wonder Perturbator has caught on with so many people. His latest album, Lustful Sacraments, is truly something awesome. It’s drenched in darkwave, post-punk, industrial and ambience. The album is sort of trippy/psychedelic in ways too. It’s one of those albums that you can put on while doing something else but, don’t be surprised if you wind up getting so into it, you forget you had something else to do.

Perturbator- Lustful Sacraments:

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