New Release: The Pretty Reckless- Only Love Can Save Me Now

The Pretty Reckless Team Up with Soundgarden Members in "Only Love Can Save  Me Now" Video

The Pretty Reckless is a band that I haven’t given much of a listen to since they first appeared on the scene. Though, over the last couple years I’ve gotten more and more intrigued by them. Firstly after they were handpicked by Soundgarden to open for them on what would be their final tour (We still miss you Chris!!!), and then they released an album that is beyond rockin. It’s classic in the way the music feels (think 70’s rock mixed with 90’s), and then the vocal delivery is pretty damn good. Plus a tight rhythm section that is right in the pocket, it all comes together quite well. On their most recent album, Death By Rock N Roll, there is a song that was just released as a single that has truly captured my attention. The song is called “Only Love Can Save Me Now” and it features Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron. Since I first heard this song, I’ve probably listened to it a few dozen times. This song along with the rest of the album, is one of 2021’s best. The Pretty Reckless are the real deal and I’m very interested to see what happens next for them.

The Pretty Reckless- Only Love Can Save Me Now:

The Pretty Reckless- Death By Rock N Roll (Album Stream):


  1. Pretty sure I first came across this band when they were opening for Marilyn Manson. They’re growing on me. I listen to In This Moment more than The Pretty Reckless though.

    1. Nice! I remember when they went on tour with Manson. TPR sure has really stepped up their game over the last couple of years. I’ve been over In This Moment for a long time. They lost me years ago.

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