On The Rise: ERRA

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A while back a good friend of mine told me to check out a band that she thought I might dig. Considering she’s never steered me wrong, of course I gave it a shot. What I heard was something I definitely dug on and it made me even more curious to see what they are all about. Allow me to introduce you to the band, ERRA. These guys have a sound that mixes a heavy prog sound mixed with mid 2000’s metalcore. If I had to name a band they are sort of similar to, I’d go with Architects. Through the course of their career, they’ve released five studio albums and three EPs. Their latest offering, a self titled album is chock full of the right amount of brutality, massive riffs, hard hitting rhythms and soundscapes that create a really cool ebb and flow between parts. Finding yourself lost within the odd time signatures, technical aspects and ambience makes listening to ERRA quite fun. You might have seen them on tour with Born Of Osiris, August Burns Red, After The Burial and Northlane. Through a few different lineup changes as well, the band has evolved to incorporate different textures and intricacies in order to separate themselves from their peers. It’s going to be interesting to see where ERRA goes after this album. I look forward to checking them out live and seeing them rock the place.



ERRA- Drift:

ERRA- Augment:

ERRA- Impluse:

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