Anticipated Albums: Amenra- De Doorn

I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Amenra. I was a little perplexed but, also very intrigued. I was at a show, think I went to see Boris and Torche and there was a guy wearing this really awesome shirt. I of course had to ask about it. After finding out who they were I did what I always do and started to delve into their catalog. What I found was something epic. Fast forward many years, my friend and I went to see Neurosis and Converge. As we walked in I completely forgot that Amenra was the opening act. The lights had just dimmed and then it all made sense. Holy wow, this band is amazing. From that point I’ve been anticipating something new from them and now here we go. On June 25 via Relapse Records, Amenra will be unleashing their new album De Doorn. The First single “De Evenmens” is magnificent. Just listen and let it soak in and you’ll hear the magic that this band emits.

Amenra- De Evenmens:

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