New Release: Gojira- Into The Storm

Image result for gojira fortitude

April 30th will be a great day as Gojira will be releasing their long awaited new album, Fortitude. Today though, Gojira released another new track, “Into The Storm.” According to singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier “This song is infused with the concept of civil disobedience. Acting accordingly with our deepest wisdom and standing for what is precious and good in this world. The only possible revolution is the one that blossoms from within us. Change will come from individuals. Laws are meant to be bent and shaped to our vital needs. LAWS WILL FOLLOW!” All I can say is that these 3 songs released so far, have me extremely pumped for this album!

Gojira- Into The Storm:

Gojira- Amazonia:

Gojira- Born For One Thing:

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