The Other Side: Noumenah


Over the last few years electronic music has taken the world by storm. It’s in everything you hear these days pretty much. Through the flood of electronic artists, there are a few that have really done something interesting with it and expanded upon the sound. One such artist is Noumenah also known as Andrew John Napier. His music draws from an expansive and eclectic myriad of influences. On his debut album, Seet, the lush soundscapes feel like they belong as part of a score. The interesting part of Napier’s music on this album, these instrumental tracks feel completely immersive. There is a bit of a narrative to it all as you listen. The ebb and flow of the parts and rhythms make this album something more than just your average electronic album. Having depth in this genre can really take the music to new heights and Noumenah does that with the right elements.

Noumenah- Seer:

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