Alternate Versions: The Tea Party- Psychopomp (Live)

A while back I wrote about a band you might have missed along your musical journey called, The Tea Party. This astonishing three piece band from Canada, is seriously one of the best bands in the last 25 years. They are one of those bands that has the ability to add elements to their sound without losing sight of the overall sound objective. Their 1997 album, Transmission, is a wonderful mix of heavy rock, blues, world music and on this one they added an electronic/industrial tinge to it. One of the best songs on the album (and my favorite song of theirs), “Psychopomp” is stunningly epic. The studio version is one thing but, the live version of this song is on a whole other level.

The Tea Party- Psychopomp (LIVE):

Psychopomp (Album Version):

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