Band Of The Week: Comatose

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I love it when a band can be inspired and influenced by a certain period of time and it doesn’t sound forced or like it’s a complete derivative of that era. Enter Minnesota’s, Comatose. This four piece delivers a sound that is heavy and fuzz driven with the right amounts of melody, atmosphere and aggressiveness that packs a walloping punch. Their new album, A Way Back is eight songs of pure rock that is sure to peak anyone’s interest that needs some good rock music in their day. There’s a complexity to this record as well that, the more you listen, you get a different perspective. The riffs compliment the punchy and tight rhythms and the vocals add the right amount texture. Comatose is the type of band that is needed in today’s musical climate. A band that lets their music do the talking and showing a lot of others how to do 90’s style rock the right way.

Comatose- A Way Back:

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