The Other Side: Lady Lazarus

True artistry is not easy to find these days. So many supposed artists lack the depth, honesty, and creativity to make something truly compelling. A while back I found an artist that captures all those things and then some. Enter Lady Lazarus aka Melissa Ann Sweat. Since her debut album Mantic in 2011, Melissa has been honing her craft and delving deeper and deeper with each album. When you listen to her music there is a real sense of courage, urgency and truth pouring out of her. There’s also a journey taking place as you venture into the albums. There’s a darkness within the songs but, a feeling of hope and light at the end. The words conveyed are poetic and somber while the voice channels different energies and feelings to really encapsulate the mood. Musically, the minimalistic approach makes everything stand out and the chills that it gives is worth it. If you are looking for something that’s inspiring and hopeful, than Lady Lazarus is just what you need.

Impossible Journey Of My Soul Tonight:


All My Love In Half Light:


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