Band Of The Week: Enforced

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Heavy music is a huge favorite of mine, in case you didn’t notice. The sheer energy and magnitude from that genre really hits home. One sub-genre that I’ve always been fond of is the Thrash Metal. There’s something about the speed, intensity and prowess that pulls it all together. Recently, I was introduced to a band hailing from Virginia that has nailed the Thrash style. Enforced is a band that has all the right stuff down to the blazing riffs, pummeling breakdowns, and hard pounding rhythms. They remind me a little of the band Power Trip (R.I.P. Riley Gale) as well as early Slayer and Kill Em All era Metallica. Enforced will be releasing their new album, Kill Grid on March 12 (via Century Media). These guys are primed to become one hell of a band to see live, once shows are allowed again. In the mean time check out the these two songs from their upcoming album.

Enforced- Hemorrhage:

Enforced- Malignance:

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