Band Of The Week: Sound & Shape

In a time when people are saying rock is dead, they obviously aren’t looking in the right places. Rock music is very much alive. Enter Sound & Shape, this three piece band hailing from Nashville, Tennesse, have the right amount of heaviness, soul and melody to keep rock music going. Through the course of the band’s career, they’ve released three full length albums along with two EP’s. They’ve also had the pleasure of touring with bands like Sparta, Kings X, and The Spill Canvas. One of the things that really intrigues me about Sound & Shape is the vocal harmonies. Those harmonies are striking and smooth and have this really cool 70’s vibe that has a nice bit of soul and r&b to them, thus making it stand out. Their new song “All Day Morning,”features those quite well I must say. Sound & Shape are the type of rock band that is needed to keep rock n roll music going.

Sound & Shape- All Day Morning:

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