On The Rise: Loathe

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In today’s musical world, there are a plethora of choices and at times, it’s hard to keep up with it all. So many bands get overlooked because of that too, which is a shame, because there are so many hidden gems. Over the past year, there has been one band that’s been on my radar thanks to a couple friends who were raving about them. That band is Loathe. This U.K. based band has developed a style since their formation in 2014 that is part metalcore (Poison The Well’s You Come Before You comes to mind) and progressive rock, mixed in a bit of cool ambience and a dash of nu-metal (more so Deftones Around The Fur/White Pony era). The end result has really helped to craft something interesting and when you listen, it has this really natural ebb and flow. Their new album, I Let It In And It Took Everything, is absolutely superb. It’s a culmination of everything the band has done before but, this is a whole other level. The music has a very cool rhythmic groove that is at times “djenty” but the way it is accompanied by some really cool shoegazey vocals, gives it more of a distinct vibe to separate them from the pack. Of course there are the bellowing screams that take the songs to a different level at times.  I Let It In And It Took Everything is an album that sounds modern and artistic without relying on a nostalgic factor. Yes, there are moments where the Deftones influence is worn brightly on their sleeves but, it’s not distracting from the overall experience of what you are listening to. Loathe are the right band at the right time. This is just the beginning for what this band is capable of. I’d say within the next album or two they will truly find their own niche and the album that comes from that, will be their White Pony.

Loathe- I Let It In And It Took Everything:

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