Band Of The Week: Silent Planet

Silent Planet – Tickets – Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO ...

Over the last few months, a friend of mine has raved about a band and with all this “downtime” I’ve finally taken the time to really check them out and, I really dig them. Silent Planet, is the band I’m talking about. Combining metalcore, prog rock, and bits of post metal along with introspective lyrics, they’ve carved out a nice little niche for themselves amongst their peers. One of the things that I was drawn to about this band was vocalist Garrett Russell and his very honest approach to his lyrics. It’s always refreshing to hear someone be so vulnerable and let it all out there. It’s very cathartic but, it’s also welcoming to those that listen to be able to connect in that way. The music that accompanies those words take on a life of its own, while the lyrics breath a different element into the arrangements and how the songs plays out. The heavy parts and more delicate moments, play off certain words in a masterful way. For example, on their song “Trilogy” you can definitely hear so many different ways the band uses their influences and inspirations to deliver a song that has depth. To date they have recorded two EPs and three full-length albums. And with each release, Silent Planet has definitely become a band to look out for.

Silent Planet- Trilogy:



Silent Planet- Audiotree Session:


Silent Planet- When The End Began:


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