Band Of The Week: Elephant Rifle


Back in February, before the whole world became quarantined, I saw a couple bands that rocked one hell of a small stage. Spirit In The Room was one of the bands I saw that evening (and you should MOST DEFINITELY be checking them out if you haven’t already) but, the band that played before them left a lasting impression on me. That band was Elephant Rifle. As I mentioned in my live review of the show, these guys have a really cool, psychedelic approach to their shoegazy Black Sabbath riffs along a good helping of noisy punk to make something that is enticing and provocative. I stand by that description but, I’d also like to add that they have this really cool and soulful/artsy side to them that shines through in a fun interesting way. I’m very intrigued to see what’s next for this band and where they go musically. Elephant Rifle should definitely be on your radar and when we can go back to going to shows, you should go see them.

Elephant Rifle:


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