Band Of The Week: Holy Wars


There are so many bands, artists and records these days, it’s hard to keep up at times. Every so often though, there is one among the bunch that truly stands out and makes you turn up the volume and rock out. A couple months back, I was very intrigued by a video post a reader put up on instagram of a band he saw (should out to Derek Scott aka dubsdotla). That band was Holy Wars and I’ve been hooked ever since. The sounds emitting with the rumbling of bass, atmospheric guitars, industrial tinges, bits of grunge, dark pop sensibilities and a punk attitude, have made Holy Wars a band that really steals your attention and keeps it. Led by singer Kat Leon and guitarist, Nicolas Perez, Holy Wars is taking the scene by storm and rightfully so. Their live performances have become cathartic expressions of passion and art and the live sound that is emitted from the stage is both bombastic and full of desire. It’s pretty intoxicating listening to this band. Upon first listen to Holy Wars, you will be hooked and rightfully so.


Holy Wars- Welcome To My Hell:



Holy Wars Video Playlist:



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