Band Of The Week: HarborLights


I love it when you are searching for something new to listen to and you come across a band you’ve never heard and it all just clicks. That happened to me this week when I heard the band HarborLights. When I heard the song “From Virtue (Sacrament)” I knew in an instant that this is what I was looking for. HarborLights have this really great sound that balances delicate melody along with strong dynamics that take their songs to ethereal places. The band formed about 8 years ago and since then have released 2 split EP’s and one full length. Their new album, Isolation Ritual (out September 13), is sure to be quite the album for 2019. The two songs released so far “From Virtue” and “Hold The Dark” are taking me by storm and enticing me so much that the anticipation of this album is growing by the day. HarborLights are the perfect band to put on and let the music take you away.

HarborLights- From Virtue (Sacrament):


HarborLights- Hold The Dark:


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