Band Of The Week: Alphamega


There is truly something great about heavy bands that can add in the right amount of melody to their sound. Whether it’s rock, metal or whatever, it’s the melody that ties it all together. I’d like to introduce you to Alphamega. These gents have that perfect balance of heavy rock/metal with just the right helping of melody to complete their sound. Alphamega is made up of Adam Ryan (Vocals), Michael Muenzer (Guitar) and Chrissy Warner (Drums). Their first single “Lords Of The Flies” is melodic metal done right. The song has a catchy hook to it that is memorable without being over the top or cheesy. On the band’s site they have a quote that says “Beautiful things come from ugly places.” That couldn’t be more true about this band, as there is a positive and bright element about Alphamega that separates them from the pack. Look for more new music from Alphamega soon.

Alphamega- Lords Of The Flies:


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