Band Of The Week: Glassing

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There is something really interesting and creative happening with heavy music these days. Mixing genres and styles have made for some of the best new bands and albums in the past few years. Recently, I came across a band that has blended post-hardcore along with black metal with bits and pieces of ambiance and dream-pop. I’d like to bring your attention to Glassing. This three piece band hailing from Austin, Texas has released their second full length album, Spotted Horse, and it’s fucking rad. Glassing has created an album that is full on immersing with volume and magnitude as well as well thought out songs that bend genres. Listening to Glassing is a real experience. It’s equal parts experimental, heavy, disruptive and engulfing. I can imagine their live shows to be sonically bombastic, technical and full of energy (maybe even a bit of brutality) that radiates from the stage to the crowd. These guys have carved out a niche for their powerful sound and I’m quite interested to see where they continue to go.
Glassing- Spotted Horse:

Glassing- Sleeper (Video):





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