Album Review: Low Dose- Low Dose


The resurgence of the “90’s sound” has been a welcome sound to me and so many others. That sound had such an energy to it that it made music “real” again. A few months back I introduced you all to a band from Philadelphia called Low Dose and now, they have released their debut album (FINALLY!!!!) and it deserves your attention. Low Dose has this really great grungy sound with a punk vibe. Think Nirvana In Utero mixed with L7.

The album is 10 songs of bombastic rock and filled with punk rock charm. Once the album is over, you immediately feel the need to start it again and keep rocking. Kicking off the album is the song “Low” which is the perfect tone setter for what’s to come. “Right On” comes in like a swinging hammer of doom. The slow churning riff and gritty vocals brings this song to life. “For Sure” is the first song I ever heard from Low Dose and it’s still a ripping great song. It’s one of those tracks that when it hits in sequence of the album, you know “It’s On!!” As the album moves on songs like “Away” “Sinking” and “Not Break Skin” show off a different side of the band and showcases the dynamics this band has as well as how good of songwriters they are. One of my favorite songs on the record is “Otherworldly Motives.” this song is drenched in the 90’s in a good way and it has this really epic feel to it. Closing out the album is “Legendary Divorce.” This song is one hell of a great song. This song is a great example of how diverse this band can be. It’s also the perfect song to close out the album.

Across the 10 songs on the album, you the listener get to experience a well rounded sonic assault. The bands sound while inspired by the 90’s, sounds fresh and modern without relying on nostalgia to sell it. This is definitely a debut album that you need to hear. Low Dose are the right band at the right time.


Overall Rating: A


Low Dose- Low Dose:

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