Band Of The Week: His Eyes Have Fangs


I love when you hear a band and from the first note played, you just know you are going to dig it. Recently I heard about a band called His Eyes Have Fangs and felt compelled to check it out and I’m sure glad I did. His Eyes Have Fangs are phenomenal. They are a rock band through and through but, they have this really dreamy and provocative style that climbs into your mind and takes you on quite a journey, just like bands in the 60’s and 70’s did. Everything about this band from the soothing and retro style vocals, the moody guitars that have the right melodic approach and rhythms that are laid back but right in the pocket, make His Eyes Have Fangs quite the package. The sonic dynamics the band plays with make the dreamy and psychedelic aspects quite a listening experience.

His Eyes Have Fangs are:
Tony Alva
Matthew Rainwater
Rachel Rainwater
Sonny Mayo
Alexander Rossi


His Eyes Have Fangs:







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