Band Of The Week: Charger


To all the people out there that say “rock is dead,” you must be living under a rock. Rock music is alive and well. Further proof of that is the band of the week, Charger. Armed with a Motorhead sensibility of heavy fast rock, Charger is coming full speed ahead and taking no prisoners. Taking cues from inspiration like Motorhead, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden to name a few, Charger has given new life to rock n roll. This three piece made up of Andrew McGee (Guitar),  Jason Willer (Drums/Vocals), and Matt Freeman (Bass/Vocals…also of Rancid and Operation Ivy), has been making a name for themselves in the bay area and it’s for sure paying off. Charger has an EP out now that is one hell of a listen. It’s sure great to have a band like Charger out there, I’m stoked to hear more.

Charger- Charger EP:

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