B-Sides: Audioslave


The other day I woke up with the Audioslave song “Moth” in my head. That song is from their highly underrated third album, Revelations. If you haven’t ever delved into that one, I suggest you do, it’s incredible! While on my little Audioslave kick, I remembered that there are a few songs that were “B-Sides” and I thought I’d share those with you. So here we go!

Audioslave- Give (from their debut):



Audioslave- Super Stupid (Funkadelic Cover from Out Of Exile):



Turn To Gold (Quick Story:  Audioslave was originally called “Civilian.” After they got together and starting recording, a sound technician leaked this song on the internet):



  1. I can’t believe Audioslave never got to play “Moth” live in concert. Chris played the song on his solo tour but it’s not the same without the other 3 guys. The band had broken up by the 3rd record (Chris left the band – Tom, Brad and Tim had no idea until Chris said it in an interview) so they never toured for it.

    Give should have been included in the masterpiece that is their first album.

    1. I’m still bummed to this day that Revelations was never toured on. That album was fucking awesome. Moth, Wide Awake, The Shape Of Things to Come, Revelations, the whole damn thing.

      And yes totally Give should have been on the first album. Or it should have been released on a soundtrack. That song is a ripper!

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