2018 End Of The Year List: Best Albums


Next up on Audioeclectica.com’s 2018 End Of The Year Lists, the Best Albums of the year. The stipulation is that said album/EP had to have been released this year.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.

This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER (Except 1-10, there’s too many good ones to put a number on them)!!!


01) Alice In Chains- Rainer Fog
02) Daughters- You Won’t Get What You Want
03) The Atlas Moth- Coma Noir
04) Del Judas- Deity
05) Failure- In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind
06) Cult Leader- A Patient Man
07) The Black Queen- Infinite Games
08) Architects- Holy Hell
09) The Smashing Pumpkins- Shiny and Oh So Bright Volume 1
10) Birds In Row- We Already Lost The World
11) Corrosion of Conformity- No Cross No Crown
12) Nine Inch Nails- Bad Witch
13) Thrice- Palms
14) Meg Myers- Take Me To The Disco
15) Baptists- Beacon Of Faith
16) Jonathan Davis- Black Labyrinth
17) Gyre- Shared Visions
18) Vein- Errorzone
19) Primitive Weapons- Surrender Yourself
20) Tombstones In Their Eyes- Nothing Here EP
21) Street Sects- The Kicking Mule
22) Sevendust- All I See Is War
23) Will Haven- Muerte
24) At The Gates- To Drink From The Night Itself
25) Dead Empires- Designed To Disappear
26) Judas Priest- Firepower
27) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Wrong Creatures
28) Vexes- Ancient Geometry
29) Minus Knives- Minus Knives
30) Cane Hill- Too Far Gone
31) Fucked and Bound- Suffrage
32) A Light Within- Epilogue EP
33) The Armed- Only Love
34) All Souls- All Souls
35) Ritualz- Doom
36) Actors- It Will Come To You
37) Ghost- Prequelle
38) Wrong- Feels Great
39) Hide- Castration Anxiety
40) Clutch- Book Of Bad Decisions


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