2018 End Of The Year List: Best Vocalist


Next up on Audioeclectica.com’s 2018 End Of The Year Lists, the Top Vocalists. The stipulation is that, an album/EP had to have been released this year. Also, because of the  amount of great vocalists, I’m extending the list by a few.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.

This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!


01) Lisa Mungo- Fucked and Bound
02) Alexis Marshall- Daughters
03) William DuVall- Alice In Chains
04) Jerry Cantrell- Alice In Chains
05) Sam Carter- Architects
06) Dustin Kensrue- Thrice
07) Charlie Schmid- Del Judas
08) Ken Andrews- Failure
09) Lajon Witherspoon- Sevendust
10) Brandon Espinoza- Minus Knives
11) Greg Puciato- The Black Queen
12) Meg Myers- Meg Myers
13) Elijah Witt- Cane Hill
14) Trent Reznor- Nine Inch Nails
15) John Treanor- Tombstones In Their Eyes


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