Band Of The Week: Greek Fire


I find it quite fascinating when side projects become the full time project. Sometimes the music and feelings you get from working on something outside of what you’ve been doing for many years is just what you need to rediscover your love and passion for it all. There is a band called Greek Fire that has morphed into quite the band. Formed in 2008 by Philip “Moon” Sneed, Ryan Phillips (both formerly of Story Of The Year, though Ryan is no longer part of Greek Fire), Mark Joseph Roth, and Johnny Venus, Greek Fire have built a reputation for delivering enigmatic live performances and cinematic rock with soaring melodies. Since their inception, Greek Fire have been making a name for themselves with their Lost/Found EP, the full length Deus Ex Machina as well as their new albums Orientation and upcoming release, Broken. Greek Fire reminds me a bit of Muse before their transition during The Resistance album. There’s definitely a balance to  the rock element to go along with the electronic aspect.



Greek Fire- Orientation:

Greek Fire- Deus Ex Machina:

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