Album Review: Architects- Holy Hell


Losing a band member is never an easy thing. Especially when it’s the main songwriter in the group. Things at that point can either fall off the tracks or the band comes together and pushes forward. A couple years back Architects guitarist and main songwriter Tom Searle passed away from cancer. This led many to think that the band was over and or going to take a break for a while. Through all the pain and sorrow, the band pulled through and hit the road to celebrate the life of their fallen brother. It was during this time too that Architects released the song “Doomsday,” a song that was one of the final things Tom was working on but was unable to finish. When the song was released they song they mentioned that there was a future for the band and that they were looking forward to working on new music.


Now in 2018, a couple years later, Architects have written one hell of an album. Not only does their new record, Holy Hell, pay tribute to Tom but also explores many different themes of pain, loss, suffering and mourning. Musically all the members contributed to create a unified front and it sounds like it. Holy Hell at times sticks to what the band has done best for years but, at the same time takes on a more melodic approach. This being their 8th album, they have found their “sound” and they are running with it. The first three songs released “Hereafter,” “Royal Beggars,” and “Modern Misery” highlight the style that the band has, while other songs like “Mortal After All,” “Damnation,” “Holy Hell” and “A Wasted Hymn” show that the band isn’t done evolving and incorporating different styles and elements into the fold.


I will admit, it has been a while since I last really listened to Architects. When I heard “Doomsday” after it was released, I started to get really intrigued by the band again. Architects have created an album that will cement their names in heavy music. They have also brought the prog djent sound to the forefront. Holy Hell is exactly the album that the band needed to make. The only thing I can nit pick at is the polished production. At times it seems a bit too clean and compressed but, that doesn’t change how powerful the songs are. Architects have a lot to say about what they are dealing with and you know that when the time comes to start playing shows, those performances are going to set the venues on fire.

Overall Rating= 9/10

Architects- Hereafter:



Architects- Royal Beggars:



Architects- Modern Misery:



Architects- Doomsday:



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