Band Of The Week: Tombstones In Their Eyes


The other day while I was sifting through my list of bands to check out, there was a band name that caught my eye and raised my curiosity level. That band is called Tombstones In Their Eyes and they are radical! Based in Los Angeles, this psychedelic rock band has crafted a sound that is part psychedelic, part stoner rock, mixed with a bit of shoegaze and ambience. Tombstones In Their Eyes are expressive not just in the soundscapes and riffs they create but in the way the vocals, lyrics and melodies all come together. At times while listening you get sucked into a trance that resembles a lullaby. It’s truly a visceral listening experience. Their 2017 EP Fear is so damn good. It’s the perfect end of night album or for a soothing drive on an open road. On their newest EP Nothing Here, the band gets even grittier and the songs hit like a ton of bricks but, in a way that is still calming to your senses. Tombstones In Their Eyes is a band that has a real knack for creating great music and art. It’s real and full of life. Check them out!

Tombstones In Their Eyes- Nothing Here EP:

Tombstones In Their Eyes- Fear EP:

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