Band Of The Week: Primitive Weapons


The post-hardcore genre has grown by leaps and bounds. This genre has fast become one of the most prominent ones in heavy music. There is a band from New York that is leaving their mark and giving post-hardcore a more melodic/space rock tinge, and that band is Primitive Weapons. The bands newest material is expansive and full of heaviness without giving up on their roots. Two songs “Keep The Lights On” and “Normalcy Bias” have been released from their upcoming album, Surrender Yourself. These songs show the growth and evolution of a band that is more than just your run of the mill post-hardcore band. The mix of hardcore, metal, and melody is what is making¬†Primitive Weapons a force to be reckoned with.


Primitive Weapons- Keep The Lights On:



Primitive Weapons- Normalcy Bias:



Primitive Weapons- The Future Of Death:


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