Classic Soundtracks: Private Parts


The year is 1997 and the auto-biographical film Private Parts about Howard Stern is drawing in audiences. While the film went on to be a success, there was another element of the whole thing that often gets overlooked and that is the soundtrack.

This soundtrack is packed with great songs and awesome bands. One of the most fun songs on the album is the collaboration between Rob Zombie and Howard Stern on “The Great American Nightmare.” That song is a ripper, and it feels like it could have been on a White Zombie album. Other standouts include Porno For Pyros “Hard Charger,” Ozzy and Type O Negative covering Status Quo’s “Pictures Of Matchstick Men,” Ramones “Pinhead,” Green Day covering The Kinks “Tired Of Waiting For You,” and “I Make My Own Rules” featuring LL Cool J with Dave Navarro, Flea, and Chad Smith. Interestingly, Dave Navarro and Flea also played on the Porno For Pyros song “Hard Charger” which helped to lead to one of the first Jane’s Addiction reunions. One other song that always stood out was Howard’s collaboration with The Dust Brothers on the song “Tortured Man.” This song has been used to end Howard’s morning show since 1999.

This soundtrack was and still is stellar. So many great songs and covers to be enjoyed.  AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Marilyn Manson, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Ted Nugent also appeared on the soundtrack.


Porno For Pyros- Hard Charger:


Howard Stern and The Dust Brothers- Tortured Man:


Rob Zombie and Howard Stern- The Great American Nightmare:


LL Cool J w/ Dave Navarro, Flea, and Chad Smith- I Make My Own Rules:


Ozzy Osbourne and Type O Negative- Pictures Of Matchstick Men:

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