Live Review: One Side Zero at The Viper Room


After eight years away from the stage, is it possible to capture the magic you once had? Well in the case of One Side Zero, the answer is emphatically, yes.  This past Saturday night at the Viper Room, the newly reformed One Side Zero took the stage for their first show in eight years and it seemed as though they never left. Armed with two new members, One Side Zero is right back where they belong.


As the curtain opened, the crowd erupted into a frenzy that was reminiscent of many years back. Opening their set with the classic (and my personal favorite) “Tapwater” from their unsung masterpiece of an album Is This Room Getting Smaller, was a perfect way to start things off. Throughout their set which consisted of songs like “Instead Laugh,” “Holding Cell,” “A Point In Time,” “Awake” “Eight” the crowd was united, singing along with singer/guitarist Jasan Radford. As they played through more and more songs like “Never Ending,” “New World Order,” “Shed The Skin,” and fan favorite “Summertime,” it became very apparent that the guys on stage were enjoying this and feeling the energy emitting from the crowd back to them. Guitarist Levon Sultanian, got to show off his lead guitar skills aplenty, as the band included extended jams and interludes between songs. New members Marcello Dias (bass) and Michael Tarabotto (drums) seem like they have been in the band for years. At the end of their set, a new song entitled “Eleven” was played and it was the perfect way to end the evening. The song itself shows the musical maturity of the band and is a great precursor as to what’s to come in terms of new music.


One of the other things that made this evening spectacular was that the mighty With Our Arms To The Sun were on the bill as well. They were the perfect band to play before OneSideZero. With Our Arms are the type of band that will light up a room with not just their music but their passion in how they perform. Their set included songs from both of their critically acclaimed alums A Far Away Wonder and Orenda. One song in particular that I’ve really dug since I first heard it, “Regret: Sailing Stones” was blistering live. The vocal brilliance of singer/guitarist Josh Breckinridge on that song is beyond powerful and the accompaniment of guitarist Joseph Leary and bassist Joe Breckinridge really drives that song right into the audience’s ears. I’ve said this many times before but, I feel I need to say it again, With Our Arms To The Sun are one of those bands that when they are playing in your area, they are a must see.

What a great night not just for OneSideZero and With Our Arms To The Sun. Being at this show made it feel like old times. The venue was vibrant and the Sunset Strip was full of people like how it used to be. The night felt alive and full of life. There was something else I noticed throughout the night and that is the fanbase that came out to support OneSideZero. They are dedicated to the music and art of it all, and each and everyone in attendance this evening was drawn into the songs and the thrill of it. So here’s to many more great shows and the long awaited third album from OneSideZero.


Review by: Brian Lacy

Photos by: Alisa Lacy


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