B-Sides: Foo Fighters


foo-fighters-logoOver the course of the Foo Fighters career and nine albums, they have accumulated quite a few B-sides. Some of these songs are quite awesome and others you can hear why they were left off the records. None the less, you should check out these tracks. You might find some that you really dig.

From Self Titled:




How I Miss You:


From The Color and The Shape:
Dear Lover:


The Color And The Shape:


From There’s Nothing Left To Lose:


From One By One:
Walking A Line:

The One (also on the Orange County Soundtrack):


From In Your Honor:
The Sign:


From Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace:
Once And For All:




Wasting Light:
Better Off:


From Greatest Hits:


Word Forward:


Empty Handed:


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