Band Of The Week: Zaius


A few months back I was introduced to an instrumental band that really hit home with me. Their music is full of lush sonic landscapes, thoughtful rhythmic structures and an all around vibe that is hypnotic and psychedelic but with a hook. The band I’m talking about is called Zaius, and they are excellent. Their debut full length album Of Adoration (released by Prothetic Records), is one of the best instrumental albums I’ve heard in a long time. There are moments while listening to the album that are akin to the likes of  the band Explosions In The Sky as well as The Ocean. Zaius has a real knack for creating songs that hit from the inside out. While listening you can feel the emotions pouring out of each member of the band by the way they are playing their instrument as well as how the songs shift. Zaius are the perfect band for a late night drive or an evening with your favorite beverage and your headphones on, just escaping everything.


Zaius- Of Adoration:
Zaius- Seirenes (Video):

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