Band Of The Week: Low Dose


It always sucks when a band you dig breaks up. In this case the band I’m referring to is Fight Amp. They were one hell of a rad band, and I had hoped that when they announced their end they would be back soon with something new. Well my hoping has been answered in the form of Low Dose. Hailing from Philadelphia, the members of Fight Amp have teamed up with Itarya Rosenberg to bring about some crushing heavy rock tunes. So far only one song has been released, “For Sure,” but it sure is badass. It’s got that “grungy” 90’s vibe to it and some really great punk attitude. While the band has an album done and ready to go, they are looking for the right home to release it. So that might be a minute till we hear more from Low Dose. In the meantime though, I’ll be jamming “For Sure” a lot!


Low Dose-S/T (well just For Sure):


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