Live Review: The Atlas Moth at The Resident


Through all the many years I’ve been going to concerts and the countless number of bands I’ve seen, it all comes down to one thing, you either have “IT” or not. Last night at The Resident, one of my new favorite places to see a show, I got to witness the greatness that is The Atlas Moth. Since the release of their new album Coma Noir in early 2018, I’ve been waiting to see them live. It is worth noting that Coma Noir is my album of the year so far.

The Atlas Moth live is tremendous. The fury and volume each member emits while on stage is astounding. Their sound which is a mix of psychedelia, sludge metal and bits of black metal comes across live in a way that is almost hypnotic. On top of the musical trance they put you in, their visual elements with lights and lasers really helps to take you to another dimension. Their set while only 40ish minutes was enough to leave me in awe. Songs like “Galactic Brain,” “Actual Human Blood,” “Smiling Knife,” “The Streets Of Bombay” and “Coma Noir” were absolutely stellar live. The whole set was, not just those songs. Needless to say The Atlas Moth have fast become a new favorite of mine.

The Atlas Moth are one of those bands that when you first hear them your interest will definitely be peaked. Then when you see them live, it all makes sense and you are left with a sense of astonishment and desire to go home and play. At least for me, seeing The Atlas Moth made me want to go home, pick up my guitar and start jamming. I also had the chance to talk to Stavros, the singer/guitarist before the show and he couldn’t have been a more down to earth genuine dude. Thanks for the chat.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Coma Noir by The Atlas Moth. Let the music overtake you and put you in that “trance.”


The Atlas Moth- Coma Noir:


The Atlas Moth- Live At The Resident:

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