Bands That Should Return: Skid Row


If there is one band besides Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd that really need to get back together it’s Skid Row. There was something really great about them. One thing I will always remember is seeing Skid Row on Bon Jovi’s New Jersey tour in 1989. It was my first concert ever and one of the best shows of my life. Technically speaking, Skid Row was the first band I ever saw live. Skid Row was impactful and full of attitude that the hard rock/metal world needed at the time.

Their debut album had all the right elements of hard rock, metal and the songs to make it one hell of an album. I still remember hearing “18 and Life,” “I Remember You,” “Youth Gone Wild,” “Big Guns,” “Piece Of Me,” and so many other great songs on that album. The videos as well will forever stand out in my mind. Sebastian Bach and his voice is something special. Their self titled debut album would go on to sell over 5 million copies in the states. I actually own two copies of the album, one on CD and one on cassette. It’s really a substantial album.

Then in 1991 Skid Row released their second album Slave To The Grind. Slave would also be the first heavy metal album to debut at number 1 on the billboard charts. Slave To The Grind also saw the band drop some of the polish off their debut and get grittier and heavier. During their touring cycle, Skid Row would go on to open for Guns N Roses and then during their own headline run they would take out Pantera as their opening act.

After the album Subhuman Race and an argument between Sebastian Bach and Rachel Bolan, Bach left the band in 1996. The discord between band members seemed to have hit an all time low and things just couldn’t be fixed. Over the years Skid Row have continued on with a few different singers but it’s never been the same. Sebastian has released few solo albums at the same time and still performs the classic Skid Row tunes live. The sad thing is that Skid Row was such a great band, it’s too bad their egos wouldn’t allow it to continue on the right way. Even now if they were to reunite with Sebastian, it would be tremendous. When Guns N Roses announced that Axl and Slash had mended fences and would tour, in the back of my mind I had hoped that Skid Row could get their shit together and they would be the opening act for the G N R tour. How awesome would that have been?

Anyways, enough of the bickering guys. Life is too damn short. The fans want you back with Sebastian and you know it’s the right thing to do. Sure you keep saying that you are comfortable with where you are at in your lives but you know deep down, it’s not the same without his voice guiding those songs. How about giving it one more chance to make it right and go on the road and bring the rock back with you, the right way!


Skid Row- Skid Row:

Skid Row- Slave To The Grind:


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