Band Of The Week: Repentance


Heavy music comes in all shapes and styles. There are the bands that have bits of melody to go along with the rifftastic jams. Then there are the bands that just go for the complete brutality approach to heaviness. And then in between you have so many different styles and subgenres that it starts to become a bit overwhelming yet at the same time quite fun to check out.

I’d like to introduce you to Repentance. This Chicago based metal band hits all the right notes with their unrelenting onslaught of heavy riffs, crushing rhythms and subtlety brutal vocals. The first song released so far called “Collide” is quite a statement for the gents in the group but also as a brand new band. Led by Shaun Glass (formerly of Broken Hope, Soil, Dirge Within) his riff based mentality is the perfect push this band needs coming out of the gate. The addition of vocalist Robby Fonts (of Stuck Mojo), lead guitarist Markus Johansson, drummer Anthony Lien and bassist Mike Sylvester has made this a well balanced metal band.

Repentance is due to make their live debut opening for Trivium in Chicago. That’s a great way to introduce the band to the masses.


Repentance- Collide:

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