Guest Vocalist: Zach De La Rocha


Since the break up of Rage Against The Machine, Zach De La Rocha has remained relatively quiet on the music front. There was the One Day As A Lion project he did in 2007 but other than that there hasn’t been much from him in a long while. Which got me thinking, that I should do a Guest Vocalist post about all the songs he’s guested on over the years. Most recently Zach can be heard on the last two Run The Jewels albums. Anyways, here are a bunch of tracks to enjoy that Zach lent his vocals to.

A Report To Shareholders/Kill Your Masters (from Run The Jewels- RTJ III):


Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (from Run The Jewels- RTJ II):


Act III Scene 2- Shakespeare (from Saul Williams- Self Titled):


March Of Death (from DJ Shadow and Zach De La Rocha):


Melding Of The Minds (from Deltron 3030- The Event II):


Burned Hollywood Burned (from The Roots w/Chuck D & Zach De La Rocha- Bamboozled Soundtrack):


Digging For Windows (Zach De La Rocha and EL-P):



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