Album Review: Minus Knives- Minus Knives


Finding the right balance of being heavy and melodic isn’t as easy as you would think. There are many bands over the years that have mastered it and there are others that just miss the mark.

Thankfully for Minus Knives and their self titled debut album, they have really hit the right melodic notes to make their debut stand out.┬áThe melodic sensibilities that flow throughout just tickle my ears ever so sweetly. There is a perfect balance of emotion in the songs to really keep the ebb and flow going. From the start with opening song “Splntr” there is no denying the melodic prowess Minus Knives emit. My favorite track on the album “Disfigurines” is the perfect representation of what the band is all about. This song packs in the heavy, emotional, and melodic to create a well rounded dynamic song. “A Thing About Machines” is another gem off the album. The opening riff is one of those that will get your head banging the moment you hear it. “Escape Clause” is another of those perfectly melodic and heavy songs. “Signal Fire” is my other favorite song on the album. The spoken word parts mixed in with the singing really helps to create a push and pull in an almost yin and yang sort of way. Closing out the album is “Seconds Past” a song that is one of the heaviest on the album and leaves quite the impact.

Minus Knives have really come out with quite the sharp debut. Guided by vocalist Brandon Espinoza, guitarist Bill Schultz and bassist Kevin Lewis, Minus Knives are not only on the right track to make an impact but they have the ability to write really well rounded songs that leave a lasting effect. I was thinking about the best way to describe the sound of Minus Knives and after some thought I’d say it reminds me a bit of Glassjaw if they were more melodic with bits of Mer De Noms era A Perfect Circle. Do yourself a favor and check out what Minus Knives have to offer.
Overall Rating: B+


Minus Knives-Minus Knives:


Origin Of Fracture:




Entry Wound:


A Thing About Machines:


Escape Clause:

Signal Fire:


Seconds Past:


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