List: One Album Bands


I was thinking the other day while looking for something to listen to about how many bands are out there that have only one album. Whether it’s by choice a la The Sex Pistols or because the band was dropped/broke up or even a one time project, I thought it would be quite interesting to compile a list of all those bands and albums.

Your input is always welcome!


Sex Pistols- Nevermind The Bollocks…
Institute- Distort Yourself
The Panic Channel- One
Ashes Divide- Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright
Call Me No One- Last Parade
The Deadlights
Epidemic- Epidemic
Error- Error (EP)
The Germs- (GI)
Hotwire- The Routine
Human Waste Project- E Lux
Invitro- When I Was A Planet
Letter Kills- The Bridge
Medication- Prince Valium
Monster In The Machine- Butterfly Pinned
Nevermen- Nevermen
Neurotic Outsiders- Neurotic Outsiders
No One- No One
One Day As A Lion- One Day As A Lion
Operation Ivy- Energy
Crosses- Crosses
Palms- Palms
Passenger- Passenger
Probot- Probot
Pulse Ultra- Headspace
Replicants- Replicants
Rock Kills Kid- Are You Nervous
Scum- Gospels For The Sick
Shrinebuilder- Shrinebuilder
Snot- Get Some
Wild Throne- Harvest Of Darkness
Year Of The Rabbit- Year Of The Rabbit
Zwan- Mary Star Of The Sea
Casket Salesmen- Sleeping Giants
Cellophane- Cellophane
Dry Cell- Disconnected
Loveage- Music To Make Love To Your Lady By
Peeping Tom- Peeping Tom
Manmade God- Manmade God
Memento- Beginnings
Plus 44- When Your Heart Stops Beating
Pressure 4-5- Burning The Process
Spinnerette- Spinnerette
Army Of Anyone- Army Of Anyone
Talk Show- Talk Show
Another Animal- Another Animal

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