End Of Album Songs: Metallica


What else is there to say about Metallica that hasn’t already been said? Over the past few days I’ve been on a Metallica kick, and while listening back to all their albums (yes even St. Anger), I noticed how strong their ending songs all are. From their newest, “Spit Out The Bone,” all the way back to “Metal Militia” and probably the best one “The Outlaw Torn,” there is no doubting Metallica knows how to properly end an album.

Metal Militia from Kill Em All:


The Call Of Ktulu from Ride The Lightning:


Damage Inc from Master Of Puppets:


Dyers Eve from And Justice For All:


The Struggle Within from The Black Album:


The Outlaw Torn from Load:


Fixxxer from Reload:


All Within My Hands from St. Anger:


My Apocalypse from Death Magnetic:


Spit Out The Bone from Hardwired… To Self Destruct:

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