Album Review: The Sword- Used Future


Back in 2006 a band from Austin, Texas called The Sword, unleashed their Sabbath drenched, stoner rock epic debut Age Of Winters. I remember the first time I heard it and was immediately lost in the smoke of how dank it was. The Sword had made a statement that they were here with that debut. Their follow up Gods Of The Earth continued on that path. It wasn’t until their third album Warp Riders, that The Sword really found their own sound (also with the help of producer/engineer Matt Bayles). Fast forward a few albums till now and The Sword are about to release a new opus called Used Future on us all.

Instead of harking back to their early days, The Sword has evolved their sound from album to album to create a lush wealth of rock on this new album. Used Future is an album that could have come out in the 1970’s. It has this really sweet mix of Thin Lizzy meets The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Used Future is an album that has ways to expand your mind based solely on the music. Some songs like “Nocturne,” “Come and Gone,” and “Brown Mountain,” have an almost cinematic effect, drawing you in slowly until the climax of the song. There are still elements of where the band first drew influence from on tracks like  “Twilight Sunrise” and “Deadly Nightshade.” My absolute favorite song on the album is “Sea Of Green.” This song is quite different and a welcome entry from the heavy stoner rock band that I dug many years back. It’s a mid tempo jam that really shows the bands growth as songwriters but might also be one of the best songs they have ever written.

With Used Future, The Sword have created an album that steps outside the box. Their last album High Country was ambitious and very experimental. This new album is experimental as well but it fully encapsulates what the band was and has become. The Sword are here to stay, and as long as they keep making “albums” (yes albums. The kind that you put on and let play), they will continue to have a lasting effect on their fans and those who listen.


The Sword- Twilight Sunrise:


The Sword- Deadly Nightshade:



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