Band Of The Week: The Atlas Moth

There is something really cool about discovering a band that has been around for a while. As a listener you’ve more than likely discovered the bands latest album and become enthralled by them that you are compelled to go back and check out their other releases. Recently, I heard about a band called The Atlas Moth and when I heard their song “Coma Noir” and I was immediately drawn in. The Atlas Moth released a new album this year entitled Coma Noir and it’s down right epic. The band sites groups like Deftones, Neurosis, Cave In, The Cure and The Flaming Lips among their influences and while listening to the entire album you can hear how all these bands have helped to shape the bands sound. The sheer intensity they emit is very reminiscent of Neurosis,  and Cave In (especially their albums Until Your Heart Stops and Jupiter). The band takes chances too and experiments with different moods and textures just as Deftones, The Flaming Lips and The Cure do. It all comes together to make for a psychedelic metal experience. Songs like “Galactic Brain,” “The Last Transmission From the Late, Great Planet Earth,” “Actual Human Blood,” “Smiling Knife,” “Coma Noir,” and “The Streets of Bombay” will have an effect on you and leave you lost in a bit of a trance. The entire album as a whole will almost hypnotize you. After listening to all The Atlas Moth albums, you can definitely hear the bands evolution into an absolute heavy force to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and take some time to get lost in The Atlas Moth.


The Atlas Moth- Coma Noir:


Coma Noir-Video:



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