Album Review: Dead Empires- Designed To Disappear


It’s always a pleasure to see and hear a band evolve in the right direction. A couple years back I featured the band Dead Empires as Band Of The Week, and now they have come roaring back with a new album, Designed To Disappear, and it is absolutely crushing. From the time the opening song, “Spectacular Ruin” kicks in, you the listener know you that Dead Empires are coming to take over. The progressive nature of the Designed To Disappear not only lets the songs stand alone, they are have a perfect ebb and flow to create an album. There are parts that are reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan which makes for some really cool jazzy breaks. Songs like “The Form,” “Reverse Speak,” “A Summertime Song,” and the closing title track “Designed To Disappear,” all have a sense of urgency and depth that a lot of instrumental bands seem to lack. Now armed with a vocalist, Dead Empires are about to cause some serious damage to stages and speakers. Something else about this album that stands out is the production. There is a crisp and heavy feeling about these songs that helps to resonate what the true nature of their playing feels like. Dead Empires are alive and well, and are ready to take over.


Dead Empires- Designed To Disappear:

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