Anticipated Albums: Will Haven- Muerte


One band that I’ve always thought of as totally underrated is Will Haven. They never fully got their due when they came out. Hailing from Sacramento just like thier friends in Far and Deftones, Will Haven took a more aggressive approach to their music. I truly thought that when their landmark album Carpe Diem was released in 2001, they would have finally got their due but, sadly that didn’t happen. Though that album is widely accepted today as one of the most underrated and influential albums since the turn of the century.

Today Will Haven released the first song from their upcoming album Muerte (out March 23rd… PRE-ORDER HERE). This song entitled “El Sol” is blistering, epic and features Stephen Carpenter from Deftones.


Will Haven- El Sol (featuring Stephen Carpenter):


Will Haven- Winds Of Change:




Upcoming Will Haven Dates:

03/23 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver (album release show)
05/04 Fullerton, CA – Programme Skate & Sound
05/05 San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
05/06 Hollywood, CA – The Viper Room
06/23 Portland OR – Star Theater




  1. Spot on.

    Their sound is genuine and it is a shame they never got the credit. I imagine they were just a tad bit heavy for the airways. Grady’s voice is so authentic, he screams without souding gimicky and it meshes perfectly with Irwin’s churning and brutal guitar rifts (yet it maintains a beautiful sonic and atmospheric vibe).

    Just heard El Sol featuring Stephen Carpenter, all I could say is more please! Deftones + Will Haven? What else could you ask for.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for taking the time to check out Audioeclectica. I really appreciate it.

      Yes Will Haven is beyond underrated and don’t get the credit they deserve. Hopefully on this new album they can and will finally get that recognition they have always deserved.

      And I’m still hoping for a Deftones and Will Haven tour!

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