That Was A Bad Idea: Motley Crue Staying As Motley With John Corabi


After Vince Neil quit or was fired (depending on whose story you believe) from Motley Crue in 1992, Tommy, Nikki, and Mick regrouped and recruited singer/guitarist John Corabi to be the new singer for Motley Crue. Motley would go on to record only one album without Vince as their singer but, that one album they did with John Corabi is quite an underrated album. There are a ton of fans out there that want to disregard it but they really shouldn’t. Corabi brought in something else to the band that had been missing for sometime. John’s ability to write lyrics and guitar parts gave new life to Motley Crue. The album also saw them move past their “glam” image and sound to a more rock vibe a la 90’s rock and “grunge.”

There is no mistaking that Vince Neil is and was very unique to the band. Not only that but Vince is a better fit for what Motley Crue was. Which is why the band should have renamed the band something else when John Corabi came in. I get it was more a label and management decision to keep the Motley Crue brand and name going but, by doing so, it really put the nail in the coffin once the album with John was released. It’s a shame too because the self titled Motley Crue album is one of the best things that John, Tommy, Nikki and Mick ever did. Sure it’s not a “Motley Crue” album but, damn it’s a pretty badass album. Take a listen and don’t think of it as a Motley Crue album.


Motley Crue- Motley Crue:



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