Band Of The Week: Vexes


I love it when a band melds their influences into something that stands out from what they were inspired by. Sure there might be moments when one of the influences comes through a bit more but, that just shows how much of an impact that band has on others. For the first band of the week of 2018 I’d like to introduce you to the band Vexes. Made up of former members of A Life Once Lost, Vessl, and Fury of Five, Vexes has come out with a fury of thunder. Vexes takes their love of Deftones, Cave In, Thrice, Helmet and Circa Survive to new heights. Their debut album Ancient Geometry is gearing up to me quite the debut. From the three songs released so far, “Lift,” “Plasticine,” and “Helion,” you can tell that Vexes is here to make and leave a lasting impact.

Vexes- Helion:


Vexes- Plasticine:


Vexes- Lift:


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